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Want to get to know the LPD better? Watch this video for greater insight into the workings of our department.

 Washington State Accreditation

The Lynnwood Police Department is proud to be a fully accredited agency by the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs and has been since 2001.

The purpose of law enforcement agency accreditation is to professionalize the law enforcement industry by providing a review process for agencies to be certified as operating under industry best practices and standards.  In 1976 the Association was directed by the Washington State Legislature to develop standards and goals for Washington State Law Enforcement.  The Association has maintained an operational accreditation program since that time.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Lynnwood Police Department is to provide competent, effective public safety services to all persons, with the highest regard for human dignity through efficient and professional law enforcement and crime prevention practices.

Our Values

We value the sanctity and protection of human life and adherence to constitutional principles as our highest priorities.

We value each of our employee's contributions to the effectiveness of our organization and their involvement in decision making.

We value employee opportunities for advancement, specialized training and assignments, and individual growth based on performance and a demonstrated ability to handle additional responsibility.

We value the high level of professional and personal excellence demonstrated by our employees.

We value improvement through technology, creative thinking and planning, efficient and prudent use of budget appropriations and thorough, ongoing evaluations of our people and systems.

We value solving public safety problems and concerns in collaboration with the community.

We value the delegation of responsibility and authority, accompanied by accountability, to the lowest practical level with a proper balance of follow-up and management control.