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Scriber Lake Phosphorus Reduction

Project Description

The purpose of the Scriber Lake Phosphorus Reduction project is to explore alternatives to improve the Scriber Lake’s water quality by the reduction of phosphorus.  This will help increase water clarity and dissolved oxygen levels and decrease the organic matter and frequency of algae blooms.  The City has sampled the lake for several years and the consultant, TeraTech, analyzed the data to determine the state of the lake’s water quality.  The recommendation from the consultant is to treat the lake with aluminum sulfate commonly known as "alum" to reduce phosphorus. The city is also exploring other bufferless options of phosphorus removal. The phosphorus reduction applications will take place between 2016-2018.

Project Location Map

Project Vicinity Map

Project Stage

Applied April 21 & 22, 2016

Second Application summer 2017

Third Application planned in 2018

Project Manager

Robert Victor
Project Manager


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information updated 06/20/2017